Alina Tarabarinova was born in Russia (Saint-Petersburg) in 1985. She is photographer and artist, working with art-documentary photography, street photography and multimedia projects. She is working with 28mm Leica camera in both color and black and white. In 2007 graduated St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism. A member of Russian Photographers' Union from 2011. Alina gives a course of lectures and workshops on street-photography at the Academy of "Fotografika" from 2015. She also organizes photoexpeditions across Russia and other countries.
Since early childhood she has been involved in various aspects of art such as music, painting, dancing. She falls in love with photography and art in general, under the influence of friends and parents and, in particular, her mother. Up to the present day Alina continues to make pictures and work as a freelance photographer.
Silver gelatin prints are kept in Ralph Lauren's private collection, exposed in Duncan Miller Gallery (USA) and presented in Fotoii gallery (Switzerland).

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